Six days!

“Fine.  You wanna go back, go back.   But you know that every single one of us will get in trouble if you do.  Espy, Paige, everybody.  And then we’ll all be stuck in training for months and months without ever going anywhere, except on those lameass shifting trips with ese viejo Abraham.  We need this Maya, we’re all going stir crazy.  We need to get out and dance and drink and make out and just live!  Shit, some of us are only eighteen and we’re supposed to be prepared for war at the drop of a hat.”

-Luz Rodriguez, to Maya.  (Maya does not want to accompany her friends to an underground nightclub because it is a big no-no.)
From Identified: The Maya Price Story 


About Faith Rice-Mills

Librarian. Writer. I teach my students, but they also teach me. Married to my best friend from high school. Mommy to the most cutie patootie I've ever seen (AB, we call her. Though the husband likes to say "little monkey"). Owner of Simon and Fitzgerald (Not Paul and F. Scott, my dogs). My parent's daughter, in every sense of the word. Siblings-Yes! They are some of my best friends. Afraid of snakes, elevators and cotton balls. Love having coffee with my best friend. Yoga=yes please! Developing a sense of style. Interested in playing with verb tenses. Oh! And point of view! Would love a delicious chicken fried steak followed by a chocolate chip cookie. Love my red pants, my pearl necklace, and my sparkly gold shoes. Wish I was fluent in Buffyspeak and that Harry Potter was my friend. And so that's me...
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